Interested In Auditioning?

If you are interested in auditioning for the chorale, please fill out the form below and read this information. A chorale member will be in touch with you soon.

Some basic information about the chorale:

The Chorale rehearses on Monday nights from 7pm-9pm at St. John UCC in Collinsville. Concerts are presented 4 times a year. We perform a pops concert in October, a Christmas Concert in December, a Spirituals and sacred music concert in March and a patriotic and folk music concert in June. Concerts are always at 7pm on Friday evenings. Occasionally, the Chorale will present the same concert at a different location on the Sunday following the home concert at 3pm. We feel this is an opportunity to take our music outside of our community. 

The Chorale is funded four ways: by audience contributions at concerts, program advertisement sales, patron sponsorships and member dues. For each concert, members pay $25 for their music. They are due before the first evening of our rehearsal cycles. The chorale rehearses 6 times before each concert, 5 Mondays and a Thursday night dress rehearsal right before the concert.

Chorale attire is all black. Men wear black pants and a shirt, along with a long blue or gray tie. Women wear either black pants or skirt and a black top, or a black dress along with a blue or gray scarf. Ties and scarves are provided by the Chorale.

The audition process is fairly simple. You can either sing a song of your choice (bring music) or sing a hymn. We will also do some vocal warmups and scales to determine your section. If you are selected for the Chorale, you do not have to pay dues for your first concert. You will need to purchase your choir folder for $25. Once you become a member, our new-member coordinator will guide you through the process of all we do.

Send an email for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!